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British Pound Coins


Whether you have wages to pay or direct debits to collect we can help take the strain out of manually processing your financial commitments.


Our in house team has been registered as a BACS approved bureau for over 15 years and has processed over £2.5b worth of credits and debits. You can rely on our expert team to accurately process any transfers you may need.

BACS Pricing

We charge a flat rate for your BACS processing whether they are credits or debits.


£15.00 per file

£0.05 per line


For example if you send 10 payments once a month it will cost you £15.50. 

Applying for a Service User Number (SUN)



If you have not used BACS before and need help we can assist you in applying for a SUN which allows you to use BACS.

Applying for AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service)



If you have not collected Direct Debits using BACS before you may need to apply for AUDDIS access which allows you to set up new direct debits over the phone, email or online. This replaces the paper method of posting instruction forms to your bank.

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